Printable Score Sheet for Spades

By Neal Taparia - 8/16/2023

When you play Spades online scoring is done for you. However, it’s easy to keep score with pen and paper for a game with friends. Here’s a handy example of what your score sheet may look like (download the printable Spades Scoring PDF here.)
As a reminder on scoring:

  • +10 points for each successful trick bid if team's total bid is met
  • -10 points for each trick bid if team's bid is not met (regardless of total tricks won)
  • +1 point for each bag (overtrick) beyond bid
  • -100 points for accumulating 10 bags (counting restarts at 0)
  • +100 points for successful nil bid (no tricks won)/ +200 for successful blind nil bid (1 plaver)
  • -100 points for a failed nil bid or -200 for a failed blind nil bid