is a website part of Unwind Media, where we own and operate a group classic gaming websites.

We started Unwind Media in 2020, originally to see how we could tie games to educational learning opportunities. When the pandemic hit, we decided to focus on how to make classic games even more fun Today, Unwind Media gets well over a billion games played a year across our portfolio of games.

Spades has been a popular game for years. We wanted to add it to our portfolio because it's a game that brings people together, and that's challenging at the same time. Our vision is to create a community of enthusiastic Spades players who can regularly play with each other, rank on leaderboards, and create friendships among one another.

You can learn about Unwind Media here.

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Neal Taparia & Darshan Somashekar - and Unwind Media founders

About our team

We are a small and close knit team behind and our other games. We had all previously worked together at an educational company called Chegg, and we saw an opportunity to build great games together.

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Contacting us

We love hearing from our users and encourage you to reach out. Feel free to fill out this form. You can also call us at 754-216-9465, or if you are in the Miami area, feel free to say hi. We are headquartered at 400 Alton Road, Miami Beach, FL 33139.


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